Team Profiles

  • Robby Hill

    Robby Hill

    Founder & CEO

  • Andy Patel

    Andy Patel

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Matthew Kirkland

    Matthew Kirkland

    Client Projects Manager

  • Ben Kopp

    Ben Kopp

    Remote Analyst

  • Terry Williams

    Terry Williams

    Client Services Specialist

  • Melanie Valazak

    Melanie Valazak

    Director of Client Services

  • Callie McGill

    Callie McGill

    Administrative Assistant

  • Bryan Pate

    Bryan Pate

    Lead Project Specialist

  • Tara Steger

    Tara Steger

    Client Services Coordinator

  • Hussein Cabrera

    Hussein Cabrera

    Client Services Specialist

  • Michael Coker

    Michael Coker

    Client Services Specialist

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