Document Management

What's that - you didn't expect an IT company to sell document management and output solutions? We know you need it - so we're glad to carry and support all your company's document needs. You will be surprised the savings that HillSouth’s document management team can achieve.

Copystar Managed Document Solutions (MDS), in partnership with HillSouth,has many practical advantages.

There are several ways MDS reduces your total cost of ownership by:

  • Reducing the use of consumables such as paper and toner.
  • Cutting energy costs.
  • Lowering service and support costs.
  • You can set up print policies that determine when color printing may be used, therefore avoiding unnecessary costs.
  • Because the age and life of the devices are all known, cost drivers can be easily identified and simply removed.

Clearly, measurable benefits also arise from other less cost-driven benefits:

  • Increasing productivity through optimized workflows, reduced down-times, and minimizing the workload of IT staff who look after your fleet.
  • State-of-the-art output solutions make document management faster and more effective: i.e. automated capture, distribution and archiving of regular documents like bills, purchase orders or insurance applications.
  • Optimized device management saves time and reduces staff frustration: It decreases the time spent waiting for documents due to overuse and ensures proximity to the work area where employees need it most.

With only one point of contact, MDS saves you trouble and resources because:

  • We supply everything you need for every printer and multifunctional device, regardless of the brand.
  • We take on all maintenance and repair services, both for our own printers and copiers as well as those of other manufacturers.
  • Remote Monitoring system: We recognize deviances in the functioning of a device and react quickly whenever needed, without having to be on-site.

Copystar MDS helps reduce energy and resource consumption, improving your balance sheet ecologically, as well as economically.

  • We improve environmental sustainability through economic business applications and ECOSYS technology.
  • By consolidating your hardware and by using remote monitoring, you take a big step forward in energy efficiency.
  • We can advise on the conversion of your fleet to energy-saving printers and MFPs that will make an even larger difference to your energy costs.

Secure: Improved Monitoring and Protection of Data and Documents

No matter what line of business you are in, your documents and network hold vital information. You have an obligation to protect your client's documents and your customer's private data. Copystar MDS offers additional security through authorized access to devices and networks, as well as by keeping tighter controls on what is being printed.

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