Profiles in Healthcare

Waccamaw Dermatology and Plastic Surgery (WDPS LLC)

“HillSouth has eliminated the worry we had in maintaining our own servers and IT systems by taking this responsibility out of our hands – including our website,” states Lucy Quirke, office manager, Waccamaw Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. “What is more – HillSouth has our utmost trust. They bring to our attention only solutions we need and not everything from every vendor under the sun. The people at HillSouth are our IT team and the real benefit of turning the IT role over to a trusted IT advisor like HillSouth is true peace of mind. The bottom-line concerning all of our IT needs is that is that HillSouth is looking out for us.”

Low Country Health Care System

“Performance and availability are both key to our healthcare practice,” states Ashley Barnes, CEO at Low Country Health Care System, Inc. “Whenever something went wrong at our main location, the other sites were affected along with our main, primary care facility. If anything happened – power issues or ISP problems – we had four locations that could not meet patients’ needs. Now we have the uptime we so desperately needed. And our power and connectivity issues are a thing of the past. With HillSouth as our managed services provider, we simply pay for the IT infrastructure we need at their data center. The upshot is that we now have non-stop business operations.”

Manifest Pharmacy

“We engaged with Manifest Pharmacy as their trusted IT advisor. Now we are hosting their SQL Server, their domain controller, and a rewall for them,” states Patel. “We also put a managed rewall in at the physical location of their main office in Greer, South Carolina; along with needed intrusion protection and prevention services.”

University of South Carolina

“The Dept. of Health Information Technology needed a terminal server so that people could ‘remotein’ and access HIPPA data for research purposes,” states Neset Hikmet, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Studies in Health Information Technology, University of South Carolina. “This is all funded with grant money and the grant was contingent upon USC’s IT infrastructure being compliant with HIPPA standards. We turned to HillSouth to make our IT infrastructure compliant and because of their track record with health care providers and institutions.”

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