HillSouth has tripled its gross revenue by investing heavily in healthcare solutions since 2008. We understand your industry and bring a wealth of solutions and experience to your information technology problems

The practice of medicine is being complicated by shrinking reimbursements, ever-increasing regulations, and tighter margins. You need experts at the helm of your information technology who understand the nuances of your business and have the skills to turn your technology investments into a profit center for your business.

HillSouth is constantly driving innovation for the healthcare IT industry with a host of solutions that will deliver incredibly high amounts of reliability as well as protection that HIPAA and your patients demand.

How can your practice engage with HillSouth?

  • Security/Privacy Analysis
  • Healthcare Data Mining
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) connectivity analysis and consultation
  • Electronic Medical Record advice at any stage in your selection or implementation process - look to us for best practices and solid infrastructure to build your successful EMR implementation or maintenance projects forward
Palmetto State Providers Network (PSPN)

Palmetto State Providers Network (PSPN)

Have you connected your organization to the state's premier healthcare fiber optic network and then wondered what to do next?  Look no further than HillSouth.  We have built extensive expertise helping PSPN customers to gain additional value-add from this exciting broadband network that covers South Carolina's leading healthcare organizations.  We will help you to leverage the many opportunities that a subsidized and healthcare-specific data network like PSPN provides to you.  Just contact us today for more information.

AccentHealth by CNN

AccentHealth by CNN

HillSouth has a partnership with AccentHealth to deliver rich CNN programming to your practice waiting rooms. AccentHealth brings familiar CNN anchors, news programs, and customized messages directly into your lobby while your patients are waiting.

This service is provided at no cost to your practice and is subsidzed by the relevant advertising that is inserted between the healthcare information. Furthermore, your specialty determines the exact programming mix that is shown. Content is updated regularly over the Internet - again at no charge. We would love to show you how AccentHealth can improve your patient satisfaction while delivering content from recognized CNN personalities each and every day.

>> Download our AccentHealth datasheet to get started

ZipIt Secure Mobile Messaging

ZipIt Secure Mobile Messaging

There is nothing like the ZipIt mobile messaging service on the market.  It's secure, HIPAA-ready, mobile messaging platform can deliver a message anywhere either by Wi-Fi or Verizon 3G within 3 seconds to your ZipIt device or mobile phone.

This takes the security and control much further than your hospital-phone, or pager network and gives you all the power to dispatch quickly and securely or just deliver messages promptly to people who you know are ready to receive them.  The integration options for a ZipIt solution into your healthcare practice are plentiful - so we invite you to explore the ZipIt websitefor solution ideas and contact HillSouthto discuss how we can put this service to work for your healthcare organization.

When privacy and speed matter - choose ZipIt for your mobile messaging. Our Resource section contains a HIPAA whitepaper for your convenience

Cloud Hosting of EMR

Cloud Hosting of EMR

Your electronic medical record software deserves to rest in a good home. HillSouth has introduced the first of it's kind healthcare-specific data center for your EMR software. This service combines for your practice the benefits of owning your EMR package and hosting it off-site where power, cooling, Internet access, and hardware maintenance become someone else's concern.

Our EMR hosting services are part of the innovative new HillSouth Cloud suite of services. We are proud to introduce this suite just for practices such as yours.

Contact us to discuss how we can save your practice money with a Cloud EMR hosting solution.

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