DataCore, VMWare, Fusion-io, & Dell Case Study of Great Plains Communications

The Telco / Internet Service Provider enhances performance and resiliency of virtualized corporate apps using DataCore, VMware & Fusion-io.

Learn how several of HillSouth's trusted business partners came together to deliver an innovative solution leveraging much of the customer's existing environment.

Speed – Resiliency – Simplicity – Savings … The telecommunications and internet service provider, Great Plains Communications, enjoys these benefits and more thanks to the combination of DataCore, VMware, and Fusion-io. Located in Blair, Nebraska, Great Plains Communications has been in business over one-hundred years. The company has a rich history of providing copper telephone service as well as Internet hosting, cable television and most recently Cloud hosting to its customers. Their IT project was triggered by the growing needs of internal corporate apps used for maintaining all customer information, e-mail hosting, accounting, billing, and business analysis. Improving application response and assuring business continuity were among their principal objectives.

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