One Click Feedback now on all HillSouth service tickets

By: Andy Patel

Everyone at HillSouth is focused on delivering reliable IT services for our clients each and every day. We use feedback given from our clients to enhance our offerings, develop new offerings, and help our team members to excel in everything they do for you.

First let me say that we read each and every one of the comments that you post in the surveys that appear at the conclusion of your service requests with us. We make sure to incorporate your feedback in our regular service delivery meetings to ensure we’re all charging towards the same goal of client satisfaction and reliability.

One of the feedback areas has been that the survey themselves have been unnecessarily elaborate and sometimes cumbersome to fill out. In a perfect world, we would receive quick feedback about your experience at the close of 100% of your tickets. Looking at the old survey system we know that would have required a lot of time per ticket and since we value your time we aim to make giving us feedback much simpler with a new, simpler system.

From now on with one click of a happy face, regular face, or sad face followed by an opportunity to add your additional comments about the experience you had with our team that resolved a recent case.  Your comments and your feedback are tracked meticulously by our service delivery team and displayed prominently throughout our office for all the staff here to see.

We truly hope that with this very simple click of one button from your email you can send us feedback and comments that help drive HillSouth to continue to strive towards excellence in IT services. We are proud to be your choice and hope that you and your colleagues will leverage our new feedback system regularly to help us continue to be your first choice in IT.

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