Hussein Cabrera

Hussein Cabrera

Client Services Specialist

Why HillSouth?

I came to Hillsouth because of the exceptional service that I received from Hillsouth as an actual customer working for another company. One of the things I noticed in my interactions with Hillsouth is the team dynamic that allowed for a more thorough troubleshooting process that elevates the customer service experience from start to finish.

About Me

I’m originally from Miami, Florida. Raised in Key Largo in the Florida Keys for all of my childhood. My wife and I met in college and are going on 22 years of marriage. We have a 15 year old daughter that’s involved in high school and club volleyball. We relocated to South Carolina to be closer to family.

My Interests

Of course being a native Floridian and raised in the Florida Keys, anything to do with being on the water is something I always enjoy, I wouldn’t call it a hobby, its more like a lifestyle for me. I love to pull for my Florida based teams (University of Miami, Dolphins, Heat, Marlins). I am an avid boxing fan. My family and I love to go on road trips and our new proximity to the mountains has us making lots of trips to North Carolina and Tennessee.

Favorite Book

Hands down, “The 15 invaluable Laws of Growth” by John C Maxwell

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