Donald Helms

Donald Helms

Client Services Specialist

Why HillSouth?

I first heard of Hillsouth over a decade and a half ago while touring a family member's office. Being scheduled to start at Florence Darlington Technical College that fall to study Computer Technology, I found myself admiring the quality of work that was present in the office's LAN. I inquired as to who did the installation, it was Hillsouth. As time went on, I had the privilege of working on various projects with this very knowledgeable and diverse team. When I was presented with the opportunity to become part of Hillsouth it was a no brainer.

About Me

My fascination with technology was sparked at a young age. My father gave me a Tandy computer. And even though every application it could run was ran from a five and a quarter inch floppy I was hooked. That fascination continued through my youth, which led to an opportunity to take part in studying networking in the CISCO Networking Academy while still in high school. Not that I'm that old, but WiFi as we know it today was in its infancy at this time. After high school I found myself enjoying life until it was time to movie on to the next phase of life. I moved from the small town of Pageland, SC to Florence to attend school. In 2007 I graduated from FDTC with Associates Degree in Computer Technology with an emphasis on networking.
It was at this time, I gained the best thing to ever happen to me in my life up to this point. I met my wife. We have been married for almost ten wonderful years now. During that time we went on to have two wonderful children. Those two have truly been the driving force to show me what is important in our lives.
After college I went on to work in a wide range of fields in the technology sector. I have been a technician working on everything from personal computers and smart devices, to corporate networks. I even spent a few years working on automated machines. With all my experiences with technology, I can truly say that when done properly and for the right reasons the possibilities are endless.

My Interests

History, Classic Cars, Music, & Enjoying Life

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