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HillSouth built a network infrastructure plan for Loris [new location] that met all of Wilson Senior Care’s requirements. From start to finish, HillSouth was there to meet our goals for our Loris facility and has been supportive to our other facilities as well.

Laura Rogers
Senior Accountant/IT/Telecom


“The Dept. of Health Information Technology needed a terminal server so that people could ‘remote-in’ and access HIPPA data for research purposes. This is all funded with grant money and the grant was contingent upon USC’s IT infrastructure being compliant ...Read More

Neset Hikmet, Ph.D.
Associate, Professor and Director
University of South Carolina


Our relationship with HillSouth began just a year ago. The representatives of HillSouth have been very patient and attentive to our needs. We have always felt like HillSouth cares about our success and we are not just another number. It has been reassuring knowing someone ...Read More

Amy Jenner
Head of School